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Vulcan Racing Team Home Page

Welcome to Vulcan Racing website you will find details on team services and how we offer club racers value.  Both in Performance Parts as we are distributors for Stand 21 Piper Powerflex Gaz Suspension and EBC brakes. 

You will find information on our drivers for 2015 in the Drivers Profiles together with details on Preparation  Track Race cars.  Latest news for Sponsors and Events 

Vulcan Racing MG & Honda race team, Est. 2010 by 3 friends to offer value to fellow club racers and track day enthusiasts.  Our site includes Drivers, performance Parts, Preparation, Sponsors and Webstore.  Together with additional information about the team and its cars.

Drivers | Performance Parts | Preparation | Sponsors | Webstore

As a championship winning team with experience in MGCC / CSCC / VTEC CHALLENGE / BRITCAR we feel confident to offer help and support to our customers.  Please contact us for more information or to discuss your car as we are always pleased to offer any advice and support that we can for latest updates please check out our blog and follow us on Twitter #jointheteam

The Team will be racing 3 cars MGZS, MGF & Honda Civic in 3 UK Championships

 MGCC Cockshoot Cup, CSCC Millennium Series & CSCC Modern Classics

Vulcan Racing MGZS V6 Peter Burchill
Vulcan Ludlow Engineering Civic Type R Dan Ludlow

For more information on the team please feel free to explore our site or contact us for details

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