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MH460-102 TRS FIA Magnum 3" 6 point hanress Hans only race rally car

£140.00 £175.00

The TRS Magnum 6 point is a professional saloon car harness designed specifically for use with a HANS only device. The shoulder and lap straps are made from 3" wide webbing with the shoulders stepping down to 2" width to provide a secure fit to a HANS device.


Steel adjusters and clip in end fittings feature on the straps and the twist release buckle is designed to be compact and lightweight. FIA approved for use with a HANS device only.




Steel Strap Adjusters


3 Inch Wide Lap Straps


Compact & Lightweight Quick Release Buckle


3 Inch / 2 Inch wide Shouler Straps

Red Black and blue in stock however all other colours on special order 10 day lead time approx. see photos

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