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MH400-100 TRS Mangum 3" / 3" 4 point harness (hans friendly) race rally car

£116.00 £145.00

TRS Professional 4 point motorsport harness with 3" wide shoulder and lap straps with clip in end fittings. The harness features an intercom lead / drink tube attachment.


The quick release buckle is the popular market leader and is high strength and lightweight as its main features.


Available in Red, Blue or Black. All harnesses come with the full 5 year FIA life. Ideal For Trackdays, Oval Racing and Autograss. The item includes 4 eyebolts.




Aircraft Style Twist Release Buckle


Clip In Fittings With Eye bolts Supplied


Steel Adjusters


Intercom Cable / Drink Tube Attachment


3" Wide Shoulder And Lap Straps

Red balck or blue or can be special ordered in choice of colour as in photos please contact us to confirm

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