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ARKBP270H Piper 270 Camshafts K Series 16V Lotus MG Caterham

£475.20 £528.00

Product Information

•Brand new camshafts, supplied as an engine set.

•Wide range of cam profiles on offer

Piper Camshafts offer a complete range of camshafts for Lotus Elise with the K Series engine. The choice of camshafts available gives you the ability to purchase the specific cam profile that best suits your requirements.

The profiles on offer range from a mild profile to more wild profiles. The Mild camshaft profiles are designed to optimise performance without losing any of the standard drivability that Lotus customers love about their Elise’s. The wilder camshaft profiles are for customers who want to optimise the performance of their car and achieve the highest BHP increase possible, when fitting the wilder camshafts it is recommended that mechanical tappets and a reprogrammable ECU are used to optimise the reliability and performance gains seen by fitting these profiles of camshaft.

Below is a list of the camshafts and applications:

•ARKBP270H - FAST ROAD. Direct Replacement. Designed for 1600/1800 engine. Vernier pulleys advised – uses hydraulic tappets from standard engine.

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