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PIPER KK1 HYD Conversion Kit VVC - NON VVC Lotus Elise 111s MGF/TF 160 MGZR 160 KK1

£1,257.98 £1,310.40

Unleash the beast KK1 HYD Piper Cam Kit for K series VVC engine.

Product Information:

•Brings out full potential of VVC Engine

•Available in two specs of cams

•Full Fitting Kit included

This Piper Conversion kit removes the VVC cams and Mechanism from the VVC cylinder head as fitted to the ‘K’ Series engines in the Lotus Elise 111s, MG ZR 160 and other MG Rover Cars along with Caterhams

The VVC Cylinder head has bigger Valves and Ports and the removal of the VVC Mechanism Combined with uprated induction system and engine management really brings out the full potential of the engine.

Piper 285H : Ultimate Road Camshaft generally referred to as the stage 3 of cam tuning is not recommended for use with standard injection and with uprated engine management and induction could see gains of up to 40bhp

The kit consists of the following parts

•2 X Piper Camshafts 285H

•Piper Single Valve Springs

•Piper End Plates

•Actuator Plate Cover

•Piper Vernier Pulley

•Piper Timing Disc

•1 x Camshaft Lubricant

Lead time 5-10 working days as product made to order

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