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VVCBP270B - Piper Cams K series VVC Exhaust Camshaft 270 profile

£280.00 £314.00

Product Information

•Gives an addition 6-8bhp increase

•Suitable for all VVC engines

•Brand New Camshaft with the Piper Cams 270 Profile

•No Surcharge for old unit

Because the VVC engine is a complex engine there is little you can do to the engine to increase the power, this is mainly because it has 2 inlet camshafts that are controlled by the VVC mechanisum. For this reason Piper Cams introduced a re-profiled exhaust camshaft.

This is a brand new exhaust camshaft that comes with Piper Cams 270 profile to give an increase in power over the standard camshaft. The exhaust camshaft gives an additional increase in power of between 6 to 8Bhp.

If you combine the camshaft with an induction kit and performance exhaust system you could see as much as an extra 30Bhp increase in power.

Camshaft Specifications:

• Duration - 264 degrees

• Valve Lift - 9.86mm

• Piper Camshafts Part Number - VVCBP270B

We can offer a regrind of existing cam please email peter@vulcanracing.co.uk for details.

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