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R172BP270 Piper Cams Renualt CLIO 2.0 16V 172 / 182 / CUP F4R Reprofiling


This is price for reprofiling your cams and excludes the cost of you sending cams to Piper (pulleys will need to be removed). But includes reprofile and sending back to you.

R172BP270 FAST ROADThe BP270 cam is a straight forward installation with none to light modification and parts needed depending on vehicle. Generally referred to as the stage 2 of cam tuning this profile performs well when used in conjunction with other stage 2 tuning products such as free flow exhaust systems and remaps, giving a good torque and power increase in road cars.

Powerband : 1800-7000rpm ; Power increase : 10bhp

Inlet duration : 278 deg ; Exhaust duration : 270 deg

Inlet valve lift : .405/10.28mm ; Exhaust valve lift : .373/9.47mm

(Valve lifts quoted assume a rocker ration of 1.72:1. )

Timing (Inlet open - close) / (Exhaust open - close) : 29-69/65-25

Inlet full lift (ATDC) : 110 deg ; Exhaust full lift (BTDC) : 110 deg

Valve clearances : N/A

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