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AB65KE3 Lotus S1 ITG Maxogen Induction Kit K Series


Technically advanced carbon fibre Induction System with airbox and filter assembly. Fitment: Elise S1 with Rover K-Series engine.

Maxogen airflow systems are revolutionary kits that enable cold, dense air to reach the fuel metering unit more efficiently.

These remarkable units can deliver as much as 9% more effective peak power at the wheels, and in some cases at 500rpm less revs in doing so.

Most kits come with a carbon fibre housing but in some cases we use an E-glass AB65 (pre preg glass fibre) at a slightly lower cost. This option is currently only available on the AB65.

Each silicon hose is designed and made for each specific application. All aluminium parts are anodised and we supply stainless steel or plated screws, nuts and washers to fully enhance the appearance and durability of each kit.

All aluminium parts are anodised or copper nickel plated.

The kit includes ITG dust retention spray for lubricating the filter.


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