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MGF - 95 GT2-4621 Gaz Shock Absorber Rear - Damping Adjustable


Gaz Shock Absorber - Damping Adjustable

MG MGF 1995 on Rear


Gaz dampers are provided with a multi point adjustment facility that alters bump and rebound damping on a pre set ratio (e.g. 3-1, 2-1) via a single control knob. Struts and Inserts in the Road Range are fitted with a top adjuster that alters rebound settings only, but the bump settings can be altered for various motor sport uses at the point of order.

All units are fitted with multiple seal systems to ensure greater durability. Piston Rods are induction hardened and hard chrome plated to resist dirt and stone damage. All bodies are electro plated to help protect the units from corrosion. All Gaz road dampers carry a 2 year warranty.

Unit price each if you want a pair please order 2.



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