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TRS FIA Tow Loops Set of 4 Red Black or Blue 23N51*0 MA615-0001

£50.00 £59.80

Set of 4 TRS wire tow loops in red / black / blue

MSA compliant to Blue Book rule Q19.1.3 and are suitable for front or rear fitment to all car types. Overall length is 33cm, with a loop diameter of 13cm, the mounting plate bolt-hole centre ID is 15.00mm

The following MSA Blue Book configuration is strongly endorsed by TRS:

Vehicles to be equipped with two front and two rear wire towing eyes positioned equally either side of the longitudinal center line.

TRS wire towing eyes are made of 7mm diameter stainless steel wire rope with a 7x19 wire core. Each towing eye has a breaking strain in excess of 2.7 tons and allows the passage of a cylinder with a diameter of 60mm, situated 25mm forward of the adjacent bodywork - 100 mm above and below this hole must retain clearance to enable the recovery crews to attach straps and shackles to recover the vehicle.

The wire towing eye must be fixed to a structural part of the chassis with a minimum of M10  the inner part must be flexible in order for the towing eye to be retracted inside the bodywork profile.

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