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TRS Pro Ultralite Quick lap Adjust 6 Point Harness 2020 made expires 2025 fia and 2030 MSUK events

£240.00 £275.00

TRS New Pro Ultralite Quick Lap adjusting hans only harness ideal so endurance racing and snug cockpits with alloy adjusters on lap to make adjustment easy.

We use these on all team cars we have offered a special price as we believe this is the best harness in UK motorsport for club racers.

The TRS HANS Pro Ultralite 6 Point harness is designed for use only with a HANS device the combination of 75mm & 50mm webbing on the shoulder straps allow the harness to locate better on the HANS device.


50mm webbing is used for the lap straps and double crutch straps.


Lightweight alloy adjusters are fitted to the shoulder and lap straps.


FIA approved (ONLY when used with a HANS device)


Supplied with eye bolts.

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