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Renault Megane 225 R26 Cup - Powerflex handling pack PF60K-1003

£231.00 £257.00

Special offer 10% for new products during lockdown

Vulcan Racing are pleased to offer Powerflex Handling Kit for Renault Megane 2.0T 225 & R26 F1 230 Models [PF60K-1003]


This Kit Includes:

PFF60-501 – Front Arm Front Bush

PFF60-502 – Front Arm Rear Bush

PFR60-510 – Rear Beam Mounting Bush

PFF60-820 – Lower Engine Mount Insert

PFF60-821 – Upper Engine Mount Insert

Supplied as a Pack


Compatible Vehicles:

Renault Megane II

Renault Megane 225

Renault Megane R26 F1 230

Renault Megane Alonso Edition

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