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Powerflex MGZS 180 V6 Black Series full bush kit

£851.00 £1,020.00

Working with powerflex we comissioned the development of the kit for ZS180 and supplied suspension parts to ensure correct fitment.

We have supplied 100's of kits world wide, the black series bushes are designed for track.

We fit these to team cars and team builds.   Please check what others are selling as we include the full kit unlike most including the steering rack bush which transforms feel in car...

Kit includes


PFF42-602BLK Front Wishbone Front Bush 2

PFF42-601BLK Front Lower Shock Mount 2

PFF42-603BLK Front Wishbone Rear Bush 2

PFF42-503-24BLK Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 24mm 2

PFF42-605BLK Front Anti Roll Bar To Link Rod Bush 2

PFF25-106BLK Upper Link Bush 4

PFF63-415BLK Gear Linkage Mount Rear 1

PFF63-416BLK Gear Linkage Mount Front 1

PFR25-109BLK Rear Lower Shock Mounting Bush 2

PFR42-610BLK Rear Lower Arm Outer Bush 2

PFR42-611BLK Rear Lower Arm Inner Bush 2

PFR42-612BLK Rear Trailing Arm Outer Bush 2

PFR42-613BLK Rear Trailing Arm Inner Bush 2

PFR42-614BLK Rear Toe Link Arm Bush 4

PFR42-515-20BLK Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 20mm 2

PFR25-113BLK Rear Trailing Arm Mount Bush 2

PFR25-111BLK Rear Anti Roll Bar Link Kit 2

PFF63-418BLK Engine Mount Stabiliser (Large) 2

PFF63-419BLK Engine Mount Stabiliser (Small) 2

PFF42-520BLK Steering Rack Mounting Bush 1


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