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TRS Clubman 4 Point Road ECE Harness


Clubman 4 Point Road ECE Harness


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Model Standard

Homologation ECE 16.08

Buckle Type Push Button

Lap Adjusters 50mm Steel

Buckle Fixed Point Right Hand Lap Strap

Part Number 21B400*

ECE regulation 16.08 homologated for use on public roads.

Shoulder straps are adjustable to suit all normal saloon cars. A short shoulder version is available for two seater kit cars.

Lap straps have a 75mm wide pad sewn in for added comfort.

Snap hook attachments are fitted all round. 7/16” UNF eyebolts are included.


The 4 Point Clubman Harness is a road legal harness which has 2" shoulder and lap straps with load spreader pads on the lap straps for increased comfort.


The end fittings are a clip in type which are supplied with eye bolts and the release buckle is a push button type.

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