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Hedtec - High Quality professional Motorsport Helmets and Accessories

Vulcan Racing are pleased to introduce our latest supply partner, Hedtec  who embody our aim and goals of supplying exceptional products to FIA / Snell standards club motorsport users.

FIA Approved Helmets

Snell Approved Helmets 

FIA Approved Accessories 

Hedtec are high quality, professional motorsport helmets that offer exceptional value, lightweight, attractive, Snell SA2015 approved, MSA and FIA legal.  Hedtec helmets should not be confused with other products and are comparable with helmets that cost 3 to 4 times more; they are beautifully designed and exude quality despite their low prices.      

Hedtec Carbon Onyx III Fia 8859 & Snell SA2015 Helmet

Supplied with a clear visor but a selection of coloured visors or the Touring Car Peak can be added as extras.

This is a no holds barred top of the line product, with all the features you could ever want, but with a sensible price tag. Approved to the latest standards for use worldwide (Snell SA2015 and also FIA 8859 approved), this ultra high quality helmet oozes quality through every weave of carbon fibre.

Hedtec Gem Fia 8859 & Snell SA2015 Helmet

Supplied with a clear visor but a selection of coloured visors or  Touring Car Peak can be added as extras.

The GEM is a ultra high quality, beautiful helmet newly launched in 2018. It has a stunning, modern design with our latest visor system and an air venting system which really works making it very comfortable to wear in all conditions. For easy intercom fitment, the ear cup pads are interchangeable 

Hedtec Rapido HANS (Snell SA2015/FIA 8859)

This helmet is Snell SA2015 and FIA 8859 certified which means it can be used in international motorsport, these are the very latest standards. The FIA spec Rapido helmet is very intercom friendly and has large removable ear pieces to help facilitate the fitting of most intercom headsets.

This helmet exudes quality and is hugely popular for Saloon car racers and Rally drivers throughout Europe.

Hedtec  Xtreme II (Snell SA2015 FHR HANS)

This Helmet comes with a clear visor, a selection of coloured visors can be added above The latest Hedtec full face Snell SA2015 approved for use in MSA national motorsport until 31st December 2026 (as per the 2020 MotorsportUK rules). Aerodynamic, hand laminated composite shell – Front, top and rear vents stainless steel venting screens.

Hedtec  Rapido (Snell SA2015 FHR HANS)

Our brilliant open face Rapido HANS is approved for use with FHR devices (HANS) for MSA national motorsport. This helmet is Snell SA2015 (the latest standard).   This helmet exudes quality and is hugely popular for Saloon car racers and Rally drivers throughout Europe.  Sleek, lightweight laminated composite shell with  rear exhaust vent for extra comfort.

A favourite for race rally and track day drivers. 

Sizing & Fitting

To ensure you purchase the correct sized helmet, you need to measure the crown of your head. With a tape measure or piece of string, measure around your head, just above your ears in centimetres. Then refer size chart to ensure you buy the correct helmet.  Helmets should be a snug, secure fit and may be a little tighter than the worn one that you are used to.  The fit of new helmets will relax a little over time.

Hedtec  FIA 8856-2000 Nomex Race Gloves

Ultra high quality FIA 8856-2000 Nomex Race Gloves

A stunning FIA legal glove for National and International events. External stitching (originally an idea of Ayrton Senna’s) for maximum steering feel, these are the most comfortable gloves we have ever tried. An absolute top product and great value.  A must for the club competitor.

Hedtec  FIA 8856-2000 Nomex Race Boots 

A supremely stylish, ultra comfortable, high quality FIA race boot that won’t break the Bank! Ideal for International and National events. These are the most comfortable race boots we have ever tried. An absolute top product and great value.

The race boots should be the same size as your regular shoe size. Please remember race boots tend to be a narrower fit than everyday shoes.

Hedtec FIA 8856-2000 Nomex Fire Resistant Balaclava
The TRP/Hedtec balaclava is made out of soft double layer nomex and is of the very highest quality and it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Aproved to FIA 8856-2000 it is ideal for both UK and International motorsport, also ideal for trackday drivers. Wearing a balaclava helps to keep you safer and also keeps the interior of your helmet cleaner and fresher!
Additional Information

it is always best to measure your head accurately and not rely on a comparison to the size of your old helmet as different brands do vary. 95 times out of a 100 we ship the right size, but just in case you are unlucky and choose the wrong size, just ship it back to us and we will ship out a replacement free of charge.

Fitting your helmet (full information is provided with your helmet)

The best way is to hold the chin straps to the side and even slightly stretch the helmet as you pull it over your head. Pass the strap through the two D rings, then split the two D rings and pass the strap back through and pull it snug. This secures the helmet.

To remove the helmet 

Pull the D ring tab outward (away from your face) and release the strap tension. Then unthread the strap through the D rings. Then simply pull the chin straps to the side and whilst pulling outwards lift the helmet from your head.

Important warning about product Limitations

Unfortunately some accidents result in injuries that cannot be prevented by any helmet or safety clothing. Even a very low speed accident can result in an impact causing serious head injury or death. Fire retardant clothing can help reduce injuries, but not in all accidents.  Please read the manual provided with your helmet to ensure proper use, fit and care of your helmet.  Please note that Hedtec helmets are not motorcycle helmets and should never be used for public highway use, they are competition car or kart helmets.