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Lifeline Fire Extinguishers

About Lifeline, they are market leaders in motorsport fire suppression.

New for 2022  - Lifeline 2020 Systems The Zero 2020 fire extinguisher from Lifeline is electrically operated and filled with a 2020 suppressant, a water based extinguishant which has superb fire knock down capabilities

2022 marks the beginning of a new era for Lifeline, after over 25 years of continuous service the Zero 2000 range of plumbed in extinguishers is replaced by Zero 2020. Delivering on Lifeline’s core engineering principles the new Zero 2020 range is smaller and lighter than its predecessor while still delivering increased levels of safety to competitors. 
Bringing new water based suppressant technology to the motorsports arena and challenging well established traditions, moving competitors safety to another level. Lifeline’s leading misting nozzle technology has the fastest heat absorption and fire knock down capability available from a water based system. Supplied with a comprehensive installation kit the system utilises three nozzles in the engine bay and two in the cockpit. This further reduces weight and complexity of the installation meaning every level of racer has access to the lightest and best technology on the market.
Compliant with the FIA Technical list 16 the Zero 2020 range covers competitors for the 2022 MSUK rule change and it’s lightweight and compact design make it suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles including:
• Saloon Cars
• Sports Cars 
• Rally Cars (the 3.0ltrs capacity of the system meets the FIA/MSUKs minimum requirements for rallying)
• Single Seaters

Zero 2020 is available now for delivery in Jan 2022.

range being added from Jan 2021 offering smaller bottles with same performance and will phase our the Zero2000 range.

Ultimately this brought us to a new smaller and lighter range of Motorsport extinguishers which were branded as Zero 360

Zero 360 Novec™1230 fire suppression gas is Non-Conductive, efficient and able to tackle fires even out of sight of the nozzle.

This makes the Zero 360 range perfect for use in the professional Motorsport environment. Using only the finest materials in both construction and installation kit the Zero 360 range has a system to suit every application. From the entry level Fire Marshal to the range topping Remote Charge system the Lifeline Zero 360 range is used by championship winning teams across the globe.

Perfect for use in:

  • Single Seaters 
  • Saloon/Rally Cars 
  • Prototypes
For circuit racers the 2.25 Zero360 kit is the way forward due to size and weight.

Manufactured by 3M™ Lifeline use Novec™ 1230 in our Zero 360 range. 

We offer both plumbed-in kits and Rally packs for customers and can arrange servicing on request.

Lifeline Zero 360 install Vulcan Racing

Vulcan Racing are pleased to offer Lifeline Fire Extinguishers as we use in team cars, Lifeline offer exceptional value and quality and can be serviced in the UK making the clear choice for club racers. We can offer the full range and spares so please drop us a line.  We have listed both mechanical and electrical kits and included handhelds for our rally customers.