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Lifeline Fire Extinguishers

About Lifeline, they are market leaders in motorsport fire suppression.

The first generation of Motorsport fire extinguisher systems produced by Lifeline were manufactured using Halon 1211 as the extinguishing agent; however, due to environmental pressures the manufacture of Halon ceased under the Montreal Protocol. Lifeline took the pioneering route of introducing a lightweight, foam based extinguishant Zero 2000.

Zero 2000 systems quickly became the default choice for competitors but Lifeline did not stop its research and development program there. 

Ultimately this brought us to a new smaller and lighter range of Motorsport extinguishers which were branded as Zero 360

The name relates directly to the panoramic qualities of the gas discharge which, due in main to our unique nozzle design gives a fire smothering gas cloud seeking out and suppressing fire in the hidden engine bay corners. 

Manufactured by 3Mâ„¢ Lifeline use Novecâ„¢ 1230 in our Zero 360 range. 

We offer both plumbed-in kits and Rally packs for customers and can arrange servicing on request.

Lifeline Zero 360 install

Vulcan Racing are pleased to offer Lifeline Fire Extinguishers as we use in team cars, Lifeline offer exceptional value and quality and can be serviced in the UK making the clear choice for club racers. We can offer the full range and spares so please drop us a line.  We have listed both mechanical and electrical kits and included handhelds for our rally customers.