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Hans Devices FHR - Special selected for Cub Racers from leading manufacturers - Stand 21 & Hans

Following the mandatory rule changes from the MSA Vulcan Racing are offering club racers value with Hans Devices with exclusive deals

HANS® Virtually unknown on the racing tracks just 10 years ago, the HANS® system has become today as basic a safety device for the racing car driver as his helmet or his fire-retardant suit. Its use has protected many racing drivers from serious injuries or even death.

How does it work, very simply as you can see in the photo  

A - With Hans Device in impact   B - Without Hans Device in impact

Vulcan Racing took the view that as part of our team ethos of offering club racers value for money

Preformance products for club competitors best value UK Hans Device - 20 degree (FHR)

Stand21 Club Series 1 -  20 Degree HANS Device FIA Approved FHR Safety Device

  • FIA 8858-2010 Approved
  • 20 Degree Recline
  • Suitable For Saloon Or Sports Car use
  • M/L - Fits collar sizes 15"-18" (38-45.5cm)
  • L/XL - Fits collar sizes above 18" (Weight 950g - 1050g including padding and tethers)
The Club range of HANS devices from Stand21 are a fantastic value entry level solution for racers looking for a HANS system on a budget, without compromising safety.  Available in 20 degree recline which is suitable for saloon cars or other cars with upright seating positions.

Suitable For Saloon Or Sports Car use

Stand 21 Club Series 2 -  20 Degree HANS Device FIA Approved FHR Safety Device - In Medium/Large

The Club series 2 HANS (FHR) device is derived from the hugely popular Ultimate device, using the same engineering know how Stand 21 have created this thermoplastic version to cater for the clubman driver but wanting the same exceptional build quality and technological advances. The cut away from the back of the device creates a large weight saving now bringing the club series 2 HANS device under 700g.

Available in 20 degree recline which is suitable for saloon cars or other cars with an upright driving position. The FHR device also features the sliding tether system giving the user full head movement with no vision restriction.• Fits collar sizes 15"-18" (38-45.5cm)

Weight 700g • FIA Approved

Stand 21 Club Series 3 -  20 Degree Motorsport FIA Approved FHR Safety Device

The Club Series 3 hans (FHR) device is made from injected resin and has been directly engineered from the Ultimate shape. This offers the best comfort and ergonomics on the market and reduces its weight to match other competitive carbon devices. The Club 3 has the amazing ergonomics of the Ultimate with specific extra thin legs for a more comfortable fit. It is available in a 20 degree recline which is suitable for saloon cars or other cars with an upright driving position. The device is equipped with sliding tethers which provide more freedom of movement and black pads for increased comfort.

• M - 15"-18" (38-45.5cm) Collar Size• L - Over 18" (45.5cm) Collar size • Weight 640g     .FIA 8858-2010 Approved 

Lightweight Thermoplastic Construction

Hans Sport III HANS Device FHR - RRP £310.00  see our webstore for latest offers
Entry HANS Device Available
  • Similar Design To Top Level Devices
  • Sliding Tethers

This latest FHR device from hans replicates the design of the top level devices used in F1 but in a more affordable polymer material. The hollow collar reduces the weight making the hans III the lightest entry level HANS device available. The 20 degree recline makes it ideal for saloon or rally cars which have a more upright seating position. Sliding tethers are fitted as standard to provide greater freedom of movement.

Available in 2 sizes -

  • Medium - Up to 17" collar size
  • Large - Over 17" collar size 
  • Weight: Medium 800g / Large 850g including padding and tethers.
  • FIA 8858-2010 approved.