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TRS Motorsport Harnesses and Accessories including specially commissioned endurance harnesses.   Following the success of supplying Hans devices we have responded to our customers needs by securing terms with TRS.

TRS' portfolio of products include motorsport safety harnesses, road harnesses, harness accessories, vehicle accessories and carbon fibre products. The Company has repeatedly pioneered successful harness innovations, influencing the market and setting new industry goals. Recent examples include the pioneering use of composite materials to reduce QRB buckle weight and the introduction of velcro intercom securing straps for intercom booms on saloon car harnesses.

The company strives to ensure continued brand development with the continued introduction of new, interesting and innovative products, manufactured to the highest specifications, using the most reliable raw materials and components that have been fully tested and proven.

Our Commitment to Qualitative Excellence:

TRS is one of the few harness brands to own in-house testing equipment - another example of TRS commitment to providing optimum protection and safety to drivers and, one of many reasons that the brand has become a much trusted partner to drivers, teams, distributors and national ASNs.  This prestigious status is attributable to an unrelenting commitment to qualitative excellence, always at the heart of TRS' philosophy.

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